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HELP she won't get up

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Is she sitting on the nest, or is she looking under the weather? Have you picked her up and had a look at her legs and tummy to see if you can see anything?


Try standing her up and checking how she bares the weight.

Look for any cuts or bruises on her legs and feet too.


if you mean she's just sitting on the nest and spreading her wings a bit and refusing to budge off - then it could mean she's gone broody.


give us some more details after you've checked her over and i'm sure omleteers will offer some advice.

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I'd check her over and examine her legs carefully to see if there is an obvious reason as to why she won't weight bear.


There is a condition called Marek's Disease which causes a paralysis, but many chickens have been vaccinated against this.


How do her eyes look? Are her pupils irregular, or has the iris turned a greyish colour?


I'd bring her in and keep her warm for the time being and try encourage her to eat and drink.


Edited to say....If she is no better tomorrow, I would take her to the vet.

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From your other thread, Dawn it sounds as if she may have lost weight. They are good at hiding the fact that they are ill, so it is perfectly possible that she has been poorly for a little while, but will have kept it hidden.


I would suggest that she needs to see a vet tomorrow.

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