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Soap making?

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I've got a bath bomb recipe too. Might have come from here or another craft blog. Can't remember. Might be a nice easy way in to toiletry making. Easier than soap.


120g citric acid powder

350g bicarbonate soda

10ml sweet almond oil

bun tin and papercases


1-sift the bicarb and citric acid into a big bowl

2-add the almond oil a few drops at a time, rub into mix with your fingers

3-put some paper cases into a bun/muffin tin, spoon mixture in and press down firmly then leave to set overnight

4-turn the fizzy bombs out onto a dry tea towel and carefully remove the paper cases, leave them to dry


I think you can change the oil to change the smell.

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Thank you, chicky chickenn! That is a lovely link to gracefruit's blog, I will spend some time looking at it!


I have also found ths site by searching the forum.




This lady tells you the complicated way of mixing oil and sodium hydroxide (with gloves and goggles, scary) which I might try, but I was thinking of doing some melting of something or other and adding oils etc. first of all.


Love from Egzandra

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As a newbie your best bet is probably to buy a soap making kit on ebay. It is so easy to make soap. I'm going to make some heart-shaped bath bombs with rose buds in for my mum for Mother's day. Probably will take 10 mins to make but will look amazing. I saw some in a shop for £20 once and I think the kit only cost me £5.

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Hi, Moggie


Thank you very much for that advice, I had forgotten about ebay. Instead of making a start on the ironing I have been browsing and have found one to bid on for about a fiver. I have also been having fun browsing this site:




I saw a nice wooden mould in there.


I do like your little cat btw, so sweet.



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I have a huge bar of glycerine (?) soap base. Do you think that it would be ok to mix oatmeal with rather than the soap flakes in that last link? And does anyone know if the glycerine soap with ever "go off"?


We've always mixed it with soap colourings and various glitters & set the melted soap into Ikea ice cube trays & have hearts, crosses, stars etc which we wrap in cellophane (or clingfilm if nothing better to hand!) They make great little gifts for class mates...and no sweets or allergens in sight!!


May have a go at the bathbombs for Easter pressies with a homemade soap and one of Poet's flannel mitts.....must get on with some housework first though :cry: !


Sha x

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Hi, crafty people, a query about caustic soda. I bought some from a hardware shop today, but not sure whether it is the right stuff for soapmaking. It's called Kleen Off, and on the back it says "contains Sodium Hydroxide" I am not sure if that means it contains something else as well. Also on the label it says that it's extra strong - so a bit worried, because eventually the soap will be used for the family's faces etc.


I have bought a lovely book on soap making by Melinda Coss, which gives good instructions. although I see it advises you to add the water to the caustic soda, which I think is wrong, isn't it the other way round?


Otherwise, the book has some lovely recipes which I can't wait to try out.


Thanks, from Egzandra

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I have never tried adding petals to soap (have just started making it) but from what I have heard you are right, it's very common for them to turn brown. I don't think there is any way of avoiding this. Melinda Coss says you can infuse the oils with petals to give the oil a scent, but I just wonder how much of the scent is left. I put rosewater (already made, out of a bottle) into one batch of soap and it did not make any difference to the scent.


I am quite pleased with what I have made so far though. Have you got any favourite recipes?

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