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Stay at home mum?

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Thanks to everyone for your replies. It is a very difficult decision, I think my plan might to be to leave, enjoy the summer with my little boy, the chooks, the allotment the dog (and the husband of course). Then reassess.


I always wanted to be a secondry science teacher and somehow stumbled into my career (10 years on I realsie this!), so maybe I look at training when Leo has gone to school, so a good few years of not working yet......

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Haven't had time to read all the replies to this thread so forgive me if I'm repeating someone.


I'm a stay at home mum to 2 boys aged 4 and 7 - and a hubby aged 38!


I have to say I absolutely love it. And no, personally I don't get bored. You have to go out and find adult conversation, like at play groups and Mother and baby groups or at the park etc, but in some ways this is more fulfilling than just being plonked next to a random person at work. At least with finding other Mums you know you have something in common - kids!


I tend to think that once the child reaches three then they get 15 hours free funding for a nursery place so if your time/money/situation is right then you can possibly restart work then if you are really in need of some mental stimulation/adult conversation.


Personally, my health doesn't allow me to go out to work, so I am pretty much forced into being a stay at home mummy, so I have lots of experience at ensuring that I dont lose the plot and get bored!


There are some parts of being a SAHM that get boring, but then surely at work there are parts of your job that are boring?! So long as you have an idea of where you will go and what you will do with your little one each day then I doubt you will get bored.


Good Luck



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Ive done a bit of both, when I had a baby I stayed home for 6 months, then I went back to work. I am not happy when at home all day. So do not make a very good mum. I am better when I have work and home, part time gives you the best of both. you will find a way to feel happy juggling all the things you want to do.

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Give it a go! Staying and looking after yr children is the hardest, and occasionally the most rewarding job you'll ever do. Lots of really interesting, intelligent women opt out from work and raise their own kids for the first 5 yrs, and you can really tell the difference, as (sorry, childminders) the children have one set of rules/discipline to adhere to, and boy, does it show in reception class!!mine could both read, and write a little, and were articulate, could use a knife and fork, etsc......

Enjoy yr children, the toime flies by, and it never comes back

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So personal this one.


I am a SAHM.


For 6 years I did not work (did not want to work either). Produced 3 babies. Filled every day, with nursery volunteering, school reading helper, coffee mornings, toddler groups..... in fact so much on that I really only had 1 day a week to myself at home with the kids. So it is not a boring option, it can be busy and fulfilling too.


Then, after 6 years I still was passionate about being a SAHM. But I needed to get out. So I took a part time evening job (a massive 9 hours a week..... :shock: ) but it meant hubbie was home to look after kids, so no child care, and I could go out and be myself again (rather than someones mum).


12 years on, I'm still part time but evenings and a little bit during school hours so I'm always around to take and collect kids from school etc. I get so much from being at home with the kids and being a reading helper at school. Gives me such an insight into school life and also gives me a "bond" with the teachers. I get to see what a good job they are doing and they can chat to me as an adult and not a "parent" (although I know that this is always in the back of their minds rightly so).


Equally I get so much out of part time working. And I am lucky to find a job that doesn't interfer with family life.

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I'm a SAHM. I was for my boys until they went to school and I worked part-time and term-time. Eventually I worked full-time in my perfect job until I got pregnant with E when I gave up again. I would love to go back to work but I worked in west london as a software consultant and I couldn't travel that far now. Also I believe I should give the girls the same advantage the boys had. I love being at home and teaching them things. I also get time to chat with friends though and quite often invite friends over for when H is in bed for a 2 hour nap so we can chat in peace. Bliss :)

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