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Who laid the second egg?

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Gertie laid the first: I know that because she laid it in the flower bed where she was scratching around, and it was still warm and wet when I found it. That was on Tuesday. Yesterday (Friday) I found one in the nest box, but both girls had been in and out. The second egg is quite a bit darker than the first. Does that mean that Flo laid it, or do the eggs from one hen vary in colour a bit?

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Thanks Plum,


I think it is probably only Gertie laying. This morning OH went to let them out and for the first time Flo was first out and Gertie lingered in the eglu. When OH opened the egg port there was a Mother's Day present for her :clap::dance: which I think must have come from Gertie, and it was darker again. So I think we are still awaiting Flo's first egg.

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