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Crafty Fingered Peeps - I need your help

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I need a pattern. For a little boys outfit. Its for my Howard to wear for his Baptism. I have a lady all lined up to make it for me, but, can I find any boys patterns? No, I can not :(


So, a challenge, can you find some for me :wink:


Thanks in advance :D

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Ah, yes, details, that would help wouldnt it :doh::oops:



He will be 10 months old, hes crawling but not very well (in a month I bet he is though). He is a chunky boy, lovely chubby legs and arms but Hubby has said he doesnt want him to have short trousers and sleeves.


We want to get it made in Silk.


:think: think thats it, ask more questions if you want to :D

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I made a lovely simple little romper suit and long coat for DS when he was Christened in cream fabric (can't remember what it was :oops: ), but he was only 4 months old, so I don't think my pattern - if I could find it! - would be any good. I'll have a hunt & see if I can get the make & number so you could look. I'll also try & post a picture. I adapted it for DD for hers by adding a few ribbons and flowers.


Sha x

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Have you looked on the Habithat website? There are some patterns for trousers and rompers on there. Here is a link:




I have used them before, they sent the patterns very promptly. Your lady who is going to do the sewing might have some ideas. Hope you find something you like. I bet Howard will look gorgeous! I hope you will post some pictures and also that you'll have a lovely Christening day.

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