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elephant grass bedding

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Went to our farm stores today and they were selling Elephant grass in bales half the price of Aubiose.


Has anyone ever tried this? It looked a bit "woody/straw like" to me... :think:


He said he cant get Hemcore anymore.


his aubiose price was £11 a bale, elephant grass £5.50. :?

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Hi Chelsea, is it really some sort of grass?,sorry to sound thick but never heard of elephant grass before :)



He said you would see it growing along side motorways... :anxious: I have never heard of it, but yes it is apparently a "grass" :D but it looked rather "woody" to me & quite co"Ooops, word censored!". He said they sell loads of it, but with aubiose at £11 a bale then I am not surprised!

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I've got some at the moment, its proper name is Miscanthus and after someone mentioned it on here I looked up a seller on ebay that's right round the corner from me. I paid £5 a bale.


It's very straw like (but with some thicker bits like bamboo) so unlike hemcore/aubiose it doesn't really absorb wetness, just hides it and lets it go through. It's ideal in the run as it doesn't blow away but is quite light so the chooks love digging through it. I was using Easibed most recently (as that is cheaper than Aubiose) but was finding it doesn't look like it's going to compost very quickly.


I'm debating whether to get another bale or whether to try chopped straw as comparison



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Just an update.


Had to buy some elephant grass bedding at the weekend as local supplier ran out of Aubiose.


Still selling for £5.50 a bale and it only took 1 bale to fill my WIR. So in these credit crunch times I may be sticking to this rather than paying £11 a bale for Aubiose. :D

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