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Made in February and March

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Well, did not make quite so much as in January, but my daughter and I made loads of birthday cards, mothers day cards, easter cards, thank you cards over Feb and March when we have lots of birthdays etc - unfortunately forgot to photograph them before sent,s this entry will be sp"Ooops, word censored!" on photos. As my daughter has also being doing baking at school, and the hens are flooding us with eggs just now, we have been doing more baking than crafting over Feb/March.


We did make a couple of other things though - see photos:




Another Sequins art jointly completed by daughter and I whilst watching TV!





Cross-stich I made and framed for mum's birthday. (The yellow partial circle on the kit is the light bouncing off the frame when taking photo!)


The cards were all made from materials we had in the house; the cross-stich kit I got free from this forum (thank you Claret :D ); and my daughter bought the sequins kit from ebay with some of her Christmas money. All in all a pretty inexpensive couple of months of crafting (even if not as prolific as January!).

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I am sure it was only about £4 - they have different sizes and matching mirrors - available in black, white, or wood. Fab eh - cos I hate it when you save money making things and then have to spend a fortune on a frame!

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