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Back from the dead and mean as anything!!!

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A couple of weeks ago I was on Chicken Clinic getting advice for a very poorly chuck. Good news is that Kochanski miraculously pulled through - but now she is being really mean to her 'sister' that we got at the same time (Aug 07) - (but is fine with the Aug 08 younger girl).


Poor Ruby is being harrassed if she goes near Kochanski when she is eating. I suspect there is some pecking/feather pulling going on when they are in the Eglu. It looks as if her neck feathers are broken off. :(


Both have stopped laying - but should only be around their 2nd birthday. Ruby has started to want to go and sit on the nesting box, but nothing emerges.


Hmmm... :think:

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If it is food related, why not put out a couple of extra feeders.


Perhaps Kochanski thinks that Ruby is after her nosh.


Re the feathers, it sounds as if a bumper bit is needed, or an anti peck spray of one sort or another.


Have you wormed them and checked for lice and mites?


External parasites could explain away the neck feather issue, and can make hens hellishly grumpy.

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Thank you - we already have 2 double grub feeders out - for 3 hens


Where do you get that purple spray from? have treated for mites but am awaiting lice powder. Could it just be moulting? Or could it be because Ruby is broody and is pulling some of her own feathers?

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It could be a mini moult, it could also be feather pecking, if the feather stubs looks as if the have been broken off. Might be worth getting an anti peck spray when you are out shopping for the louse powder.


I get my purple spray ffrom a local equestrian shop but it can be bought via ebay.



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How bizarre! Kochanski laid an egg yesterday!! :clap:

First sign of an egg in 3 weeks and first hard-shelled one in months! It was somewhat squarish. :shock: but I know that can happen


This morning there is just a floppy egg 'shell' in the run - so maybe it was a one-off!

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