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Bald headed chickens?

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Of my 8 hybrids, 6 have lost the feathers around their necks. This is now spreading, and 2 have lost the feathers on the top of their heads by the comb.


I#ve checked them for lice and any other infestations, but no signs of anything.


They are not moulting at the moment - apart from their necks and heads - any ideas what is happening to them - they don;t seem in distress, just look a bit silly!



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..Unless they're pecking each other?! (seems too specific an area though?)


Funny you should post this Boris because I have this on half of my flock, all together. Any other time I would say a mini moult, and maybe it is.


But, I think that one or two of mine are feather pulling. Not bullying, the "victim" seems to stand (probably thinks it's a friendly grooming) and the pecker then eats the feather.


I'm giving some tonic & protein in case they're lacking something, and I'm going to put up Peckablocks (hopefully homemade) for distraction.


In over 4 years I've never had feather pulling before. However, after a couple of feather snatches by a fox (no damage, just feathers, & I have extra protection now) the hens were eating the loose feathers, so perhaps they got a taste?


Hmmm, I'm not certain though, maybe it's both reasons in my case. Like you, I have checked for parasites.

It could be a moult, but not like others I've seen. Anyone else?

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I have three with bald bottoms, and one of them also has a bald neck.


I haven't seen any signs of pecking, but I have wondered as one of them seems to have broken stubs in places. The thing that makes me think it is a moult is that the girls concerned are the 'Three H's' who arrived together about a year ago at POL.


Am watching carefully, as I don't relish applying 15 bumperbits. They have all been sprayed with Tee Tree Spray.


I can't find my Ukadex. *tuts*

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I'd go with Sheila's suggestion of feather pulling too. 3 of my Sussex Girls have bald heads with Aphro my little sweetie pie being the worst off and yet Athene, the biggest has a lovely head of feathers along with Jenny and Coffee. The feathers are broken off rather than moulted and there are no signs of hedgehog spikes where new quills would be emerging either if it was a moult. I use Featherite spray on them when I remember but as it's near the eye, I don't spray it on but put some into a container and paint it onto their heads with a paintbrush to avoid getting any in their eyes.

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Three of my Orps all have bare necks and two had also been progressing to bare heads too.


As only one of the Orps was still "intact" I had come to the conclusion is was her, plucking the others whilst in the cube at night. They had arrived at my house at the end of January having been plucked, due to boredom and limited space in their run and had got worse (I think) due to it becoming a habit and may be dominance problem. She had also started to pluck my original chooks, though not nearly as bad as her "sisters".


She spent 6 days in "solitary" and since then the 2 blue Orpies have regrown fluff on their heads, which I hope means I won't have to resort to the can of stinking Ukedex I now have in stock!


All of the chooks have poultry spice in their mash porridge and Lifeguard in at least one of their water feeders, which I hope is building them up and possibly giving Willow the boost she needs to stop her nasty habit! I'm planning to go over to the BHWT food once this bag is nearly finished in the hopes of stopping the softies too!!!


Good luck with sorting your girls out. I know I felt a really bad chook mummy when it all continued once they got here despite the much increased territory & entertainment. Only taken two months to see an improvement :roll: !!!


Here they are just after they arrived...




I've got some pics of them this week which don't show their fluff very well, but does show the extent of the damage! Drusilla or Cordelia (I can't see her leg band to be sure!!)




and Buffie (with Lily the batty in the background!)




Sha x

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