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Knitting with carrier bags

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I have also seen a pattern for crocheting a bag out of carrier bags.




Gives you pictures, pattern and how to make the plastic yarn. The instructions are American so the names of the stitches are different.


Also it seems to need more bags per crocheted bag than a knitted bag would need, so probably the crocheted bag is thicker.


There is another website where it tells you how to make a garden kneeler out of plastic bags as well as other things.

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hmm, now why didn't I see this thread before I posted? (sorry mods).


I want to have a go at knitting my own bag, but haven't learnt to knit yet. Do you think it is do-able for a complete novice? How many bags do you think I need to collect to make an average sized tote bag? And do I follow normal knitting instructions (need to find a 'learn how to knit in 1 hour' kind of tutorial on the internet :lol: )

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