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Anyone tried mosaic?

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I once did it with broken pottery & ready made polyfilla as grouting. Quite effective, but use rigger gloves as proctection for hands. I also stuck decorative glass nuggets over a terracotta saucer once then grouted it. It was a little birdbath. I got the idea from a children's book. You can get some gorgeous effects with mosaics. You might be able to buy a kit?



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I want to go round charity shops and jumble sales etc and collect some colourful bits of china. When I went to Guernsey there was a little chapel which was covered in broken china and shells it was beautiful. I suppose I can use some tile cement and grout? :?

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Mosaic making is great fun. You can use ready made mosaic tiles (from craft shops, can be expensive) or broken pottery pieces, or broken cheapy tiles. Pieces of broken mirror added in here and there look stunning as they catch the light.


One way to work is on a prepared board (with a wooden lip or some kind of edge to work up to). If your tiles are an even thickness, you can work right-way-up onto your surface and grout afterwards. If your tiles are an uneven thickness you can work upside down remembering that the design will be reversed when 'revealed'.


Tiles can be 'nipped' to make them fit a design (wear goggles!!!), and designs can be as simple or as complicated as you have time for.


Why not try something small to start with to see if you like it?


Hope this helps.

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I was once given a half day mosaic course for a birthday present and really enjoyed it. In a morning I had time to make a small square picture (I made an apple tree, as we have lots of them). It was fairly simple but quite effective. When I got it home I fixed it to the top of a small cheap stool from Ikea and made it into a little side table.


I also made a mirror frame from broken blue and white pottery which I had found in the garden and in a nearby field. Using a ready-made plain frame.


But that was 10 years ago and since then I have done nothing :oops:


Have a go, if I can do it anyone can!



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I made a mosaic table when we had no money and lived in a bedsit, it was ace (the table not the bedsit :lol: )


I bought cheap white tiles and painted them with tester pots (not ideal for outdoors though)


smashed them up and glued them (no more nails) to a table that I got in a charity shop, grouted and then clear varnished the lot!


The pattern was a sunflower on a blue background, I loved that table :D

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Well not got any broken ceramics yet and doubting I can do it so have picked up a few tiles and am going to use them on the posts and then I may do mosaic on the bricks under the steps.


This is the posts beforehand. Excuse the rotten chickens they are as bad as my cats when they see a camera



and now




so now on look out for blue and white tiles preferably with chickens or cockerals on them. :D

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