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Walk near Pluckley, Kent - then beer & Cream Teas!!

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We've just come back from a short stroll around the area near Pluckley, Kent, with a group of friends. It rained this morning and then was lovely and sunny this afternoon and it was a gorgeous walk among barley, hop gardens and orchards.


When we returned to Pluckley village we had a beer at the pub, and then wenot on to the church which was selling cream teas in the graveyard! We laughed when they asked us how far we'd walked as we'd just come over from the pub!! (but we had just done 4+ miles before that)


Apparently the church is serving cream teas (or coffee) every Saturday and Sunday between 2.30 and 5pm. Thoroughly recommended!

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Im sure I heard that Pluckley is the most haunted village in England.. :shock:

Apparently so. When I was studying in London a friend on the course used to take us to her mum's house in Pluckly at the weekends (when her mum was not there and we could party!) - gorgeous place - lovely old hop house with ancient spider's webs. It was great and I recall her little brother taking us out to feed the chickens. I also recall her other brother was a chef and kept us well entertained - I particularly liked the strawberries and champagne for breakfast in the jacuzzi (I kid you not :lol: ).

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I got all excited when I saw this thread thinking it was a chance to meet up with some fellow omleteers. I was thoroughly disappointed to find that you'd already been :( but glad that you had such a nice time :D




Sorry about that. There is a thread going for Kent meetup at present but it's gone quiet. Will have to post something.

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