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Should rename him Lazarus

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A couple of weeks back our elderly rescue mutt Tyson had a massive stroke (we'd suspected he'd been having little ones for a while and his is also riddled with arthritis) - he was too poorly to even take to vet to have him PTS. The vet agreed to come to our house, which would cost more, but was what we prefered anyway. There was a delay of a few days before the vet could come and we were tending to the poor old guy and feeding him his favourite food (pizza) as a goodbye treat. The date was all set, my daughter had rearranged her orthodontist appointment, and the kids were getting some time off school to be with him at the end (their choice) when....a week after the big stroke, he jumped up :shock: ate and drank loads and ran to meet my astonished OH as he came in from work :clap: !


We were able to take to vet who confirmed he had huge stroke but now was pretty miraculously recovered, so PTS appoint cancelled and since then he has gone from strength to strength :dance::D:D .

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I meant to add that almost 2 years ago he collapsed in the street and I had to phone my OH at work to help me carry him home as his "backend" had totally gone and his legs were not working at all. As he is partly labrador he was too big for me to carry alone (though some well meaning gents from the bookies he had collapsed in front off did offer to help after first asking "is yer dug deid missus?"!). A phonecall to the vet had resulted in him being taken off for doggie heaven, leaving me and the kids distraught at home. The vet had not given up on him yet though and with some injections and manipulating the joints, the old boy got back on his feet (albeit on arthritis meds for life) - we were amazed and over the moon when he came back then. Even more amazed that he has cheated the reaper once more! When we got him from the SSPCA years ago they said he had been raised with cats - perhaps he thinks he has 9 lives :think: !


He is 13 or 14 now, so we know we won't have him forever, but at the moment there certainly looks like there is life in the old dog yet :D .

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