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Another question - Noisy evenings!

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Miss Hetty and Delilah have now ventured out and seem to have settled a bit better into their new home. They have been fine all day and suddenly I heard a lot of squaking and Delilah has started pacing (manically!) across the end of the run by the door. Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar and if I should be worried?

Thanks x

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Mine pace and make a bit of noise when I first go into the garden when I get home and they want to be let out to free range. I just built a run extension and they still do it - only the whole garden will content them it seems :? They settle down after a couples of minutes. If you've only just got them it could be they're not settled into their bedtime routine yet? The first couple of days after mine arrived there was a bit of commotion at bedtime bcos they weren't sure where to go to sleep. Also as it gets dark they can easily get spooked by shadows etc

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