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Dirty weekend!

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My OH and I have just spent the day shovelling 4.5 tonnes of soil into what was previously a garden pond and is now to be our vegetable patch. I now feel fantastically achey and righteously filthy, whilst my OH just feels sore and mucky! Tomorrow...planting!

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It was my 40th earlier this year and my parents got me an Instant Garden from Rocket Gardens - plug plants, to give me a bit of a head start. At the moment it does not look like much as all the wee plants are so small and spread out, but I am sure it will be bountiful soon and will then post pictures. Got the planting done today as planned - my youngest son was a great help - he is the wee lad (age 5) that we just adopted and for a boy who came from the city he has such an affinity with the land it is amazing - digging and planting are his 2 favourite things, closely followed by looking after the chickens.


Long soaks in the bath have been called for last night and tonight - but no better feeling than getting scrubbed after being so mucky :D .

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