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How to stops my chickens getting bored!

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We have had our chickens for about a week now and I don't feel confident enough to let them free range when we our out at work all day. I was just wondering if there is anything I can put in the run to stop them from getting too bored? They are on bark chippings and seem to enjoy digging around and we normally give them sweetcorn on the cob when we get home in the evening which they love playing with (and eating) but was wondering if there is anything which will keep them entertained in the day? Thanks x

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Don't let them free range if you aren't there!


We let ours free range for a couple of hours between getting up and going to work, they are then in the run on bark chippings all day until we get home, then they free range the rest of the time. They are quite happy in the run all day - I've popped home at lunchtime on occasion and they have been pecking and scratching around or lying in the sun having a good old bark chippings bath!


Suggestions on entertainment I have been recommended are hanging various things from the run roof eg - a brussels sprouts rod. We've not tried anything yet......


Let us know what you do and how you get on :)

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Thanks for the advice - think I am going to try hanging some things from the run, I have put corn on the cob up but they completely decimate it in about 5 mins! I'm sure they are fine and I am just worrying unnecessarily, I just don't like to think of them being bored! Definitely won't be letting them free range when we are out all day though. Thanks again x

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