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first egg yesterday, but none today :(

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You would have thought my son had one the lottery. Running around with this torpedo shaped egg like it was a golden ticket. My 4 year old was so proud of his hen. Laid him an egg which he had boiled for his tea.


amazing for a little boy who doesnt even like boiled eggs. He ate every last bit. He gave his hen Cookie a great big hug and said, Please can i have another one 2moro.


well ....


He is very disapointed bless him. She had a day off. I think its really funny but he is so not impressed.


I told him he had to be patient and she will lay again. And that its new for her and takes a lot of energy to lay him a great big egg for his tea. He then apologised and said, "ok cookie, you've had a day off, can i have one in the morning please" haha.


I'm thinking I may have to plant an egg for him to find!!!


Is it normal for the hen to lay her first egg and then have a day off?? Im not worrying but maybe i should be.. i just dont know...

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I wish i had weighed the first egg as it was enormous. probably why she didn't lay yesterday...


She has lais this morning. much smaller in comparison but weighed in at 49g. She came out of the nestbox and clucked so loudly. I think she was proud of herself. and for a minute i thought she was a cockerel... really made me jump lol.


She was sitting for ages though. trying to get it out i think. Its all new so i hope she settles down in a couple of days.


still very exciting. we still have 5 hens who havent laid yet.

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