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chicken suppliers near st.neots cambs

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Omlet have a list of recommended breeders which might be of use. You could also get a copy of Practical Poultry magazine, which contains a breeder's directory covering all areas of the country.

Good luck - hope you find some girls to fill that empty eglu very soon!

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If you feel like a trip down the A1 you could try Thorne's Garden Nursery, Stotfold Road, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, SG6 4JR. I have not bought chickens from them but on looking around their chickens are clean and well kept and they appear to have a variety of chickens. (Haven't been lately, though). Ring first on 01462 675767 or e-mail karllaming@hotmail.com to see what they have got.

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Another local Chook owner!! HELLO!!! I wonder if you are close enough to hear my girls :think:



My girls came from Great Yarmouth and Fulbourn, Cambs.


I was going to say Thornes but there is also http://www.northendhens.co.uk/index.htm in Bletsoe, Beds. I have not been to this supplier but i know Indie99 another fourm member got her chooks from there recently.


Chicken supplies are much easier to get hold of locally :D

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Nice to see some fellow St Neotians on here. There are various chicken keeping threads on our town website. :)


We've bought feed from Ibbets in Great Paxton but use Thorne's now as our chickens weren't keen on it. We got our chickens from Thorne's, it's about a 20 minute drive from town : http://www.thornespoultrycentre.co.uk/


We also use Frontier Pet Supplies on the A1 to get aubiose for their run (horse bedding). It's on the way to Thorne's so we tend to do both in a single trip (with an occasional stop off at the Chinese supermarket also on that stretch of the A1 for roast duck 8) ).



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