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Before and After Garden Photos (the Chicken Effect)

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This thread was inspired by JennyHenny's "Who has the smallest garden" thread.


It is for pictures showing how your garden has changed since you got your chickens.

I'm not necessarily talking about destruction, but the changes you've made since your flock arrived.


Here's mine:



Not very interesting when we moved in...



Added a patio, slate and an eglu!



Decided we needed a walk in run, so wanted to make more room...



Walk in run gets added, as well as a compost bin for chicken poo! (made using the recycled planks of the old fence I should add!)



Also note the area in front of the run is a Chicken Adventure Playground - their territory is expanding!



After a series of unfortunate vegetable raids, my wife demands a greenhouse gets added. These chickens are costing me a fortune!


More seriously, we didn't really care about our garden when we first moved in, but our chickens have made a huge difference. We couldn't actually imagine having a garden without them scratching about in it now. So a big thanks to Omlet, without whom we'd never have even thought of the idea.


So, how have your chickens dramatically altered the landscape with their telepathic powers of garden domination?!



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OH and I are studying your pics trying to work out where you live :lol:


Great pics :D


Our garden too is getting a lot more attention now that the chooks are here. The eglu is going back out so need to make another dedicated area for that as our (cube green) and WIR is in it`s old spot.


I will dig some before, during and now pics out :D

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OH and I are studing your pics trying to work out where you live :lol:


I'll do the same for your pics ;).


But, please don't post on here if you work it out, I prefer to keep that semi-confidential, especially as I am active on the St Neots website :D.



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