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I Really Need Help - Marmosets

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Hi all,


My sister is getting 2 Marmosets



I don't agree with keeping Apes/Monkeys but i have to put up with it :silenced:



Well we (me, My Mum & Nephew) Went to Drayton Manor the other day and we Went in the Marmoset Enclosure,Well there were only a couple in there and they STINK :vom:


I have owned Ferrets in the past and they smell nicer :shock:


When we got home my mum told my sister and she tried everything to say that only 2 wont smell and that they don't smell.



So what i need help with, Is there any websites that say they aren't recommended for first time Monkey Keepers and how bad they smell.


Also my mum said no to her keeping them and my sister went mad, so i'm trying to put her off keeping them.



Thanks in advance,



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Where is your sister getting them from? I could be wrong, but do you not need a license?


My mate, saw an ad on the internet for a monkey, so he thought he would buy it-against my advice, i said i had smelt a rat. Anyway he forked over £500 for "transport" as he was told the monkey was free. Did he get his monkey? No! Was he a monkey? Yes!


I was going to get meerkat and even went to visit him in wales but they can be vicious so i got myself a nutcase of a dog instead!


Anyhow, I wish you and your sister the best of luck what ever happens!



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Found these couple of quotes on line


Marmosets smell, they use their scent glands for communication. This makes it possible to identify themselves to each other


You cant have them running around the house, they will pee and poo everywhere (if you take the diaper route you'll need to change it at least five times a day for the next few decades), wreck your house and hurt themselves with sharp things and electrics. A proper cage will cost hundreds, you'll need a custom designed one, normal pet cages are no good for monkeys they will escape. Some can even be dangerous to humans including their owners.


Marmosets are prone to stress and can easily die from too much stress. Be sure to never grab a marmoset or chase it. The same goes for other pets and children. A marmoset should be handled with great care.

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I think it would be grossly unfair to keep marmosets as pets. They need a big group and lots of forest to roam in, not a cage with only one other for company.


Also you are right Raina, they smell :vom: and they mark all over their territory... and they bite. There is a pair at our local butterfly/house/aquarium/tropical world place and they always just sit looking miserable, never move or seem to take any interest in their surroundings... and they have lots of room, specialist care and an exotics vet on the premises. The keepers there rarely handle them because they are so tiny and fragile... and skittish, temperamental and prone to bite or claw at eyes.



I could see this being a very expensive mistake. Keep going - persuade your sister NOT to do this!

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Wouldn't she be better off with a chinchilla or a parrot?

My parents have an African grey parrot & she is brilliant - It's good that she can also come out of her cage & play - she even gives my dad kisses! :shock::shock:


Monkeys shouldn't be kept in the home. I had a monkey attack me on holiday - vicious they are, no matter how cute they might look.



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Wouldn't she be better off with a chinchilla or a parrot?

I aggree.

Chinchillas would be a good pet :D

I know someone who breeds them locally and has some, PM me if you like Raina :wink:


She lets hers run around her room and they're really friendly, they have a dustbath under her bed :lol:

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As a person who'd like to have every kind of animal, I can understand the appeal of monkeys and marmosets for an animal lover, but the point is often that, once the research is done, the thought of keeping such animals in the house as 'pets' is not a good idea...


There are so many pets that are happy in 'pet conditions' given the right care and environment, and will be more rewarding for the owner. It would be heartbreaking to get any pet and watch them be unhappy or have to endure unbearable smells from them. Monkeys are not easy and are not good pets...


I remember researching Owls as well, and the conclusion was the same... not good in captivity at all...


If your sister is after small, cute, intelligent, active pets, personally I would suggest rats... They are very wonderful and interesting... Not all people like them though, there is a bit of a prejudice against them.

The other one that could be interesting, but I haven't myself done the research about their suitability as pets, so just mentioning as a research idea, is chipmunks... They too are small, active and very interesting to watch. Maybe there will be people here who can advice as to whether they can be kept fine as pets.


Someone else already asked and I was wondering too, how old is your sister? Keeping any animal is a big responsibility, but thinking of taking on board an exotic specie that requires knowledgeable care and group living condition is an awful lot to take on board!!

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Don't ask but I'm turning into a bit of an exotic pets geek.


You don't need a licence to keep marmosets as they are not registered on the DWAL (Dangerous Wild Animals List).


I don't oppose to keeping primates, but they aren't really pets. I have seen examples of set ups where a pair of marmosets have been kept in a parrot cage with branches stuck in. Baring in mind that they normally live in a Tropical Rainforest, is that really a compromise? I believe that if you were going to keep them you would need to dedicate a whole room to them, and plant many trees, bushes and shrubs, then allow them some sort of pop hole to an outdoor enclosure. Remember they couldn't be kept solely outside as it can get too cold, yet they should definately not be kept solely inside as that is also quite unfair. You would also need to consider enrichment, monkeys become suicidal if they are bored, their brains need to be excercised at all time. Feederballs and varied feeding patterns are a start, but artificial termite mounds and 'primate toys' are preferred.

Another thing to consider is that the marmosets diet consists of live insects, dead ones are of no nutritional value in comparison. They do also of course eat fruit.

If you were to have live food hopping about in a spare room then they could be missed by the marmies and then they could breed and your house could become infested if not managed properly.




If people are genuine they will generally ask you to complete a screening form, this form will have extensive questions on you knowledge of the animals, if it is not satisfactory they will not sell to you. 3 lines will not do, it needs to be more of an essay.


If you decide monkeys are for you then have a look here:




I'd get your sister to read all of that and the subsequent pages.

Here are a genuine pair of marmies for sale:


Please, please, please don't let your sister rush into it, they are very difficult to keep animals!!


Referring to your original question, yes they do smell, awful!!!!!!!


I hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information.



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Thanks everyone



My mum has put her foot down and said no!



Oh and she's 16, She said if i have chickens then she can have a Marmoset :roll: we did say about vets bill and she said she'll try and get a job to pay for it



We already have 4 rats and she did have a chinchilla when she was younger but it did bite her quite badly and she's been scared of them since lol

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I have a female marmoset she is 3.5yrs old I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. I ADORE her yes she us a lot if work but with training I got her to pee and poop in kitty liter yes she had pee accidents but only if she gets crazy excited. They are definitely not for children to own they are a lot of work and time demanding. Vet bills not so much as long as you maintain a good diet but that's where a lot of money goes into. I spend about 4 dollars a day feeding her if not more. She is rarely locked into her cage which I got off amazon for 60 dollars and it's 6ft tall. The most important thing I have learned was to teach her the word NO right away so when she is being naughty I say NO very stern and she stops immediately. All of these posts say don't do it, I can honestly say my baby got me through 2yrs of cancer treatments when I was barely able to sit up she would come and play with me she got me through it I wouldn't trade her for the world. Also they do not stink if you bathe them, I gave my baby a weekly bath and everyday a fur wipe down with natural baby wipes. It's all about how you care for baby and the time you put in. 

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