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Does anyone remove the end door panel on the Eglu?

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Hi am planning on doing a big cleanout of my eglu + converter today, and was wondering if it might be a good idea to take the end door panel off to make access easier? Its seems like a very difficult task to reach/climb in through the tiny door to rake out all the woodchips? Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated :?:

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Either that, or you could detach the whole run from the Eglu by undoing the screws and washers. Or lift the whole thing to one side?


I definitely wouldn't climb through the door, but that's chiefly because my generously-proportioned rear end might get stuck!

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I found it easier just to move the whole eglu and run over to the side, to be honest! That way you can really have a good dig over of the run area :) .

this is the wake I did it when I had an eglu, I moved them to a different area, I don't do crawling through weeny doorways :notalk::)

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