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One of our Ex Batts just died - No idea why as she was fine!

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Came home from work tonight and went into the run on the allotment and one of the hens was just sitting there. I thought it was odd as since we only got them on saturday they run around us. I picked her up and she was stiffish. and had mucus inher mouth. I cleared it with my finger but she just shut her eyes.


I went and got my phone to call a vet and she flapped madly and that was it. gone.


And I can't believe how upset I am. and my 4 yr old is still blubbering now.


She looked very swollen at the back end and had what looked like yolk coming out of her vent.


She had no feathers really and her comb had not yet risen since we got her. My husband has disposed of her now but should i be worried about the other 11. They were running around fine. happily eating and drinking. So I am telling myself to stop worrying. But i rescued them so they could enjoy a bit of life.


It just seems so sudden. She was fine this morning... The girls are all very flighty and adventurous, i just wasn't prepared for this..



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i am so sorry - how sad. it could be the stress of everything or she could have been unwell before you got her, they do come from terrible conditions.


i am in no way an expert but she might have been egg bound or perotonitis with yolk from her vent but i am sure there will be others along with way more advice and knowledge.


it sounds like your others are doing well. i have had my ex batts three weeks (out of the factory 5 weeks) and they are amazing and coming along really really well.


just keep a close eye on the others and hopefully it was an isolated case. x x

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Oh how sad... Ours are coming on in leaps and bounds. Lucy had an impacted crop, but she appears ok now, as it's not swollen.

Just bear in mind that any time and love that you and your family gave her, was far more than she WOULD have had.

Good luck, and I hope that you will find joy, by looking at the others....



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