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Will an eglu be ok as a temporary home for guinea pigs?

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My sister has SOS'ed me. Her normal holiday cover has let her down and asked if I can take care of her guinea pigs for a couple of weeks in August.


I know very little about rablus and guinlus so have a few questions please:


1. Will the GPs be ok for a couple of weeks in an eglu set up for chickens if I just take out the roosting bars and leave in the droppings tray? I can block up the slight gap at the back between the eglu top and the droppings tray so they don't get a draught.


2. Will one be sufficient for 4 guinea pigs (none of them particularly large) for a couple of weeks? Or will I need both my spares pressed into action? I'm thinking the run might be OK for 4 but not sure about sleeping arrangements.


3. Will they be OK outside all the time in the eglus or should I clear a space in the shed for nighttime?


4. If it turns out that the eglus aren't sufficient does anyone have a rablu/guinlu or converter kit I could borrow please?


All advice gratefully received. As I say it's not until August so I've time to plan. The last resort would be for my sis to bring over her GP hutch but it's a pretty permanent structure and would be difficult, so we're exploring other possibilities first.


I am actually allergic to guinea pigs and will turn into the bug-eyed monster if I touch them. So gardening gloves all the way methinks!

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Should be fine, but you will have to find a way to rig up waterbottle so they have access to water at all times, particularly important in all this heat. I know there is a lot of debate over whether Eglu is suitable permanent home for guineas, but can't see there being too much debate as to if okay for temporary home. Size should be fine for 4 guineas as long as they are used to living together and you know the sex, so you don't end up with 40!!!


Good luck with it all (from someone who keeps guineas in rablu all year round in Scotland, even in snow and has had no probs!)

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have you had the piggies in the eglu?I have 3 free range g.pigs and am now the proud owner of a pink eglu eagerly awaiting some ex-bats but not until i return from holiday.I am relying on a friend to look after the g. pigs,they need very little .....the garage door needs opening in the morning and closing at night.Unfortunately they dont put themselves to bed very early if the weather is good and are not yet trained to follow instructions (bit like my children really!)

This could be a real pain for her ,so i thought i could perhaps put them in the eglu at least she wouln't have to chase them around the garden.

Did you put them in your eglu?


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