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Chive's babies - 3 weeks old

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Well, they will be 4 weeks old on Monday.... Took some piccies last weekend, I can't believe how much they have grown (though the Seramas are still so titchy)


From this....



To this......

In bed, 2 and a half weeks:



Keema, 2 and a half weeks, with Peshwari wolfing down egg behind her. Kee is beginnng to get quite a pink comb this week, but Pesh hasn't. We may have to change our assessment of their sex. Pesh is getting some lovely white markings after hatching completely black:



Team dustbath, 3 weeks:



Poppy and Bhajee on their favourite perch (look at those markings):



And gorgeous boy Aloo, 3 weeks old:



The little monkeys managed to get out into their run at half four this morning and were especially loud. Having been out last night, I was not impressed!


We'll hopefully let aunty Chilli and clumsy aunty Cinnamon out to play at some point this week and see how they get on. Distraction treats at the ready!

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