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**New Thread - Pet Memorials

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We had our beloved cat Henry(etta) put down last March after a similar battle with cancer in her eye. i found the whole process extremely traumatic and cried for weeks leading up to her death. Our vet was wonderful and said that by putting her down we had done the last kind thing for her, which I found very comforting.


Hope you and your family recover soon.

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We lost our 19 year old cat last July, fortunately her illness was short and she died peacefully at home. We were not going to get another cat straight away but within 2 weeks we had 2 the house was too clean and too quiet.


Our children all had their chance to say a gentle goodbye to Toffee, but it still hit them hard my ED is 14 and Toffee had always been there. Our son was just finishing year 6 which is an emotional time and he was off to PGL on the Monday, we are glad that she didn't die whilst he was away because he would have found that very hard. It hit our youngest hard when we got the new cats because they were different and it took her a while to adjust


The chickens will help to take your family's mind of things they are very funny :D

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my favourite guinea pig died last night, but im not quite sure why? he was 2 this summer so it wasnt his age. he wasnt eating as much as Ralph but i put that down to me and my dad spoiling them more than normal the past few weeks. i had noticed him making coughing noises now and then but he was happy, and would greet me and shout for treats as usual.


any ideas what it could have been?

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RIP Quail :boohoo:



She was the first quail I had, we got her at the start of last year. They aren't the brightest of birds, but very friendly.


She lived happily with the guinea pig.


Will be missed.

Lots of love! Xxx :angel::cry:

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RIP to one of my original fish well it was ED's really. It lived in a tank with one other DS's ( which sank to the bottom of the pond a couple of years ago but was still alive last spring when we changed the pond liner hasn't been seen in a while though) for a couple of years, then we got a third fish YD's and after about a year they moved into a new pond outside because they looked sad in their tank.


They went on to breed and we had about 30 fish at one time but now we are down to about 14. This one was a big bright Shabumkin(sp) about 8 inches long. We thought that it had been taken by a heron last week because the pond fountain had fallen over and there was no sign of it then it re-appeared a couple of days later and was fine for a week then we found it floating on Friday morning :(


We buried it in the garden and put a pot of parsley over the top to stop the cats digging it up. Seems silly to be emotional about a fish but it had been with us for about 8 years and they are lovely to watch darting around in their pond.

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Over a year ago we got Wooly and Noodles who we rehomed from someone unable to look after them anymore. Sadly Noodles died a couple of months back - during a night when there was a big storm. We got Wooly a pal (McGhee, only a few weeks old at the time) as Wooly wa so upset at loss of her sister Noodles. Last night there was another big storm and we found Wooly dead in the morning. Is it a coincidence that there were storms on the nights that both our girls died?


McGhee is now looking sad and shaking - do you think we should get her another friend as soon as possible, or wait for a bit? We had thought of bringing her inside to live, but she loves being outside, running about in the Eglu with extension and so think she would be happier to stay out (it is sited just outside our French windows and she comes to shout to us when she sees us or wants something). I am just a bit paranoid about her being outside due to the deaths of the other 2, although they did not seem ill beforehand and had been fine in the cold weather and in last years hot weather, so I don't think that has been anything to do with it.

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Last week i made the decision to put my rabbit to sleep, she was 6 and we lost the other rabbit in january this year, and we think she has been pining for her ever since. she pulled out her fur, and had blocked sinuses, she had no quality of life, and the vet said it was the best thing to do. It was a very sad day for all of us, and we now know she is happy in the sky with the other rabbit.


p.s Sorry for your loss Christian

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For the last week we've been worried sick for our poor moggy Tootsie, who we're pretty sure has advanced cancer. She was tested and X-rayed at the vets on Thurs-Friday, and it really took its toll - when we got her home she was in a very very sorry state. She's not the kind of cat you can handle, so I'm sure it wasn't pretty.


But today, despite not eating for a week now, she mustered up the energy to totter down the path and have a little rest in the sun. She's also managed to haul herself up on the bed and looks very comfy and beautiful dozing on the duvet.


It's little moments like this that keep us going (that and the gin & tonic!). We were meant to go to Slovenia on holiday yesterday too! Oh well. Test results come in on Tues, and I'm still hoping for a miracle. Can you all keep your fingers crossed for us?


Poor Toots, she's 15-years old and we've had her just 5 years as a traumatised rescue cat. I know she's had a lovely time with us since then and only last week was scampering around like a kitten and scratching the furniture with gusto.


~Update ~


Sorry there's no happy ending to this... the test results were as expected and the kindest thing we could do was put her to sleep yesterday.


We know there are many unloved cats out there, so I'm sure it won't be long before we find another one (or two?) fluffy friends. As much as we love our 5 boisterous hens, it's not the same without our beloved moggy.

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Just a quick post to say Roman took ill very suddenly today and died as I walked through the vet's consulation room door. It was really distressing. He was a rescue piggie with an amazing personality, but was an inbred, and my vet said it is likely that he had genetic problems because of this. He was only 15 months old. I cried as I held him. She promised me that there was nothing I could have done. There is a big space in the lounge where his 5ft indoor cage was, and emptiness in my heart ( i know it sounds dramatic but he really was one of a kind. Everybody who knew about piggies says so. I had him for 13 months, and the only consolation is that he had a very happy life and was much loved by us both. At least it was swift and the Vet said almost certainly painless :cry:


I have buried him with the others underneath the almond tree.

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My heart feels like it's been wrenched out, I have had Poppy since she was 8 weeks old and she slept beside me each night, she was my 'little' girl who I treasured with all my heart, I will never forget her .. Sleep well little one I will love you forever.




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I found Starsky this morning, half in and half out of the little plastic house :cry:


Sweeney was sat with him, and has been sleeping with him in the little house...


Starsky was a very lucky rabbit. He had spent most of his life upstairs in a pet shop, being used for stud. Until we got him he had never been outside or seen grass.


He was still being used at stud despite a head tilt (from a stroke or untreated infection) and horrendously malformed teeth.


He came to us about a year ago and lived in the bottom of our garden... he had as much grass as he wanted and a few months ago, had a new friend, Sweeney (another ex-breeder). They would hump each other all the time, but to see them cuddled up together sleeping was lovely.


RIP Starsky - you weren't the prettiest rabbit, but we loved you regardless.... :cry:

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It looks like we are loosing my oldest cat Jasper (11yrs) Wednesday night I came in from work to find middle cat Roxy had a small cut on her leg, whipped her off to the vets, booked in for Thurday for stitches. Got home to be told Jasper had been found by the back door unable to move his back legs.

So straight back round to the vets again. There's no sign of trama and Xrays have shown nothing but he is still mostly paralysed in his back legs. He has a heart condition so could be an embolism that 's moved to his spine but he seems to be in very little pain so that seems unlikely too. It seems awful that we are probably goig to put him to sleep tonight. he's his usual self up the front end and bless him has managed some use of the litter tray today, although there is a question as to whether he can empty his bladder.


Thanks for listening guys, sorry I ve not been here much latley, life is madness as ever.



~ Update ~


Thank you for all the support guys.

We've just got back from the vets where Jasper has passed away in my arms. I'll spare you the details but there were signs that the neurological damage was greater than first thought and first thought was a very poor prognosis.

We're going to have him cremated seperatley and he'll be coming home to be scattered in the garden under the apple tree, then he'll always be with us.

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My cat, T.C died on August 19th 2007 aged 5 yrs. I was there the day he was born,we got him at 4 weeks old as the original owner abandoned her house and all 30 odd cats.T.C was the only one from his litter to survive.The day before he died a couple of teenagers hit him with a stick :evil: . He died on his fave day (Sunday). He ate some cat food, My mum gave him some chicken then he cried and started fitting :cry: When we took him to the vets they heard a feint heartbeat gave him some oxygen then he died :cry::cry: The vet said that when he fitted he had bitten down that hard that he chipped most of his teeth.


RIP little man,


12/04/2002 - 19/08/2007





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Late on Saturday, DD's rat, Cookie had to be put to sleep. :(


She'd had a tumour for sometime and it suddenly started bleeding heavily and wouldn't stop. Obviously the cancer had affected a blood vessel. It was the only decision to make. She'd enjoyed life to the full up to that moment. Shame about the timing though, as it cost £53 for an emergency appointment! :shock:


Sweet ratty dreams little Cookiedoughfudgemintchip.

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Our lovely little crazy haired hamster, Scruffy, has just died this evening lying on my lap :cry:


We think he was about 2 years old, but we'd only had him a few months. He's been struggling with his breathing all afternoon, and this evening he gave a big stretch and then stopped.


RIP Scruffy. You will be missed

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Having to change the signature, and adding an RIP...


RIP Ani, little champagne coloured rat... :(

He was eldest daughter's pet, and she was very upset... he was a ripe 2 years old, and had slowly started to get old and less quick, but still skittering (is that even a word?) around his cage, and being a lovely little rat...


He will be missed... not least by Obi, his lonely friend left behind...

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Can't quite believe this at the moment...


Could see all the buns out in their run this morning as I was getting dressed, 5 minutes later when I got outside with the dogs, lacey was dead :cry:


They've been out in their 'summer run' for a week now, and are all enjoying the fresh grass and fresh air.


She was just laid in her spot in the run, where she normally lays, but her eyes were open and she was stretched out. Sweeney and Jet were snuggled up to her, and Jet was grooming her.


She was only about 3, and was, AFAIK, perfectly fine.


Honestly, if any of the buns was going to go, I would have said it would be Sweeney, our old man. He has a permanent head tilt and teeth problems, but is as hale and hearty as can be.


I found a suitable box for Lacey, and we'll be going to the vets later on. We can't bury her here as our dogs and wild foxes would find her grave.


RIP Lacey :cry:

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I have sadly lost another chinchilla, Tabitha. She was all curled up and obviously not well on Thursday night. I was up with her from 5 am and waiting at the vets from 7.30, waiting for them to open at 8.


They did a dental and I was able to pick her up on Fri after work, with loads of meds to administer over the weekend. She seemed much perkier and was accepting the medication without too much difficulty, and syringe feeding really well.


But at the lunchtime feed, I noticed this long pink thing coming from her. At first, it was a 'my brain does not compute' moment, then a dash to the emergency vets. She had had a massive intestinal prolapse. I was not keen on the vet tbh, but as it was several inches long, and as she was so tiny, I agreed to have her pts while under anaesthetic (he had knocked her out to try and reinsert the intestines without success :( )


It was a horrible experience. I am trying to gather comfort from the fact that I found the prolapse quickly, and Tabitha hadn't seem to have noticed it herself, she was alert and nosey in the carrier up to the end so hopefully did not suffer.

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I'm a newbie so I hope I'm not breaking forum etiquette by posting as I'm geting an eglu but for chickens but I just wanted to talk about my bunny rabbit.


This morning I had two bunnies but this afternoon, Binky sadly passed away. My daughter said that he had just run back into his summer run and then just 'fell over' so I assume it was a heart attack. He was a lovely little silver-fox coloured netherland dwarf and he was seven so he was a good age but now he has gone.


I feel sad, and I also feel sad for his friend Blackberry because they have lived together for their whole lives and he has never had to be without Binky before.


So RIP Binky, you were a beautiful and loved rabbit and I will miss you. :(

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