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Chicken Memorials

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Chance, the last of my original ex-batts, died in her sleep last night :cry: . Named Chance by my nephew, as in "I'm a lucky hen that's been given a second chance", she'd been out of her cage for two years, five months and ten days.


Thin as a rake and with no tail when she arrived




Chance soon showed what a very sweet-natured little girl she was and gradually went from being bottom of the pecking order to being top-chook for the last six months and laid my biggest ever egg at 107g :shock: .




I still have five lovely cheeky ex-batt girlies and know there will be lots more of them in my life, but it feels a little like the passing of a generation. Chance was an excellent ambassador for all that ex-batts can become amd was very much loved.


Free-range for ever little one.

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We've just lost our first "bombproof" original girl :cry:


She looked like she was brewing a softy yesterday afternoon before I went on the school run so I scooped her up & brought her in to sleep in peace in the sick bay cage........she didn't appear to be eating anything & only drank a little avipro water this morning.........she'd been sat quietly & sleepily in the cage with only a few movements & she had a final fit at lunchtime & passed away :cry:


I took the decision not to force feed her, just to keep her comfortable & warm in her final hours, as I'd tried so hard with Buffy, Pea & Hazel, only to possibly prolong their passing. A hard decision I can tell you :(


Sleep well my feisty little one, no-one will come above you in the pecking order now :cry:


Snowy, Bluebell & Buttercup, the "bombproofs" teaching the Batties & Orpies how to dustbath......her favourite occupation, apart from being nosy of course!



Sha x

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I found poor Blossom collapsed in the run yesterday morning, she had been a little quiet the night before but had gone to bed with the others when I checked and Had obviously got up in the morning. When I found her she was barely alive, just the tiniest flicker of life. I popped her in a box in some hay and made her comfortable but she was gone within half and hour. She was the matriach, I wonder who will take over, poor Blossom she was lovely and she certainly laid her share of eggs although she hadn't laid for sometime. RIP Blossom.

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Nigella, my lovely ex-battery hen was put to sleep yesterday after a short but fatal bout of Sour Crop. She went very peacefully and spent her last hours standing quietly in the garden.


She had been free for 1 year and 3 months almost to the day. I'll remember her best for her uncanny ability to fly over the fence into the main garden the instant she saw us approach with treats, but seem to forget how to do this trick when our backs were turned, thus denying her access to the garden and it's varied treats.


I'm just glad she was able to see the sun, she was a lucky chicken.

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Holly was the boss and could often be seen reminding Lola, the bottom girl, of her place, she also leaves behind Roxy, her best friend, who she treated as her equal and as such let her get away with anything, including pulling her feathers out! Despite this, Holly’s feathers grew back only a few months ago, and she went to hen heaven looking quite beautiful.


She was the most chatty little thing and would always tell me off at the weekends by shouting at the top of her voice, to come and let her out if she thought I was up and about, and sometimes if I wasn't. The garden will be a quieter place without her.


Yesterday Holly suffered an unexpected and sudden stroke and after I kissed her goodbye, sadly was put to sleep later that morning.


Night night little one, we won’t forget you xxx



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We had a fox attack on Sunday afternoon.


RIP Lady, Viva and EJ. You were loved and will be missed.


Two girls survived!


Cleo is battered, bloodied and bruised, but seemingly none the worse. The vet has given me Terramycin antibiotic spray for her superficial wounds. It is bright green, so she now looks like a punk hen!


Pepsi has no visible signs of injury. However, she cannot support her weight and stays lying down. The vet has examined her twice and can find no physical cause.


She is eating and drinking OK. Do you think time will heal?

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RIP Tallulah, our beloved pet lavender pekin bantam. Cause of death a mystery (age only 3) as seemed happy and well the night before. Fell asleep and forgot to wake. Looked at peace. You will be greatly missed by human and feathered friends alike - the littlest in the coop, but you held the biggest place in everyone's heart.

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Dear old bossy Butch R.I.P 16/12/10 made her presence felt as soon as she arrived hence her name. She was feisty but always the first one over to take some food out of my hand. She would go broody at the drop of a hat. :roll: She was the first of my original 3 to lay an egg and now sadly is my first girl to die. :( I really wish I'd let her go last week but I tried my best.



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Bye Bye sweet Peggy Sue. Your daddy is too sad today after putting you in your final place of rest. :cry:

You were one of his first chickens in his shed, along with your friend Maggie May. You'd peck at your Daddy's legs & toes until he opened the wheat or mixed corn box. May you & Maggie May play sweetcorn chase in chookie heaven together. You will be truly missed by us both.

Lots of love Peggy Sue. :cry:

Mummy & Daddy.xx

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After a few weeks of illness we had to take the decision to have Rhubster our Rooster put to sleep yesterday :(


Rhubster was a super boy & will be missed sadly by both us & by his girls who today have not ventured far from their (cube pink) what with the really horrible snow & missing Rhubster they are looking quite miserable today.


RIP Rhubster

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We lost our black red Araucana Goldie overnight last night :(


We only got her in August, so she wasn't very old at all. She hadn't even started laying ( none of my August hens are laying yet)

She was very vocal when we first got her, & we wondered if she might have to go back to the breeder, but she calmed down & was very affectionate, & loved to be cuddled.

She never grew very well at all, & from this picture taken only last month you can see her sandwiched between my other 2 Araucanas, she didn't get any bigger than Petra the Polish bantam we used to have.






She wasn't coping with the cold very well, & yesterday I found her looking miserable in the run, so I brought her in & her beard & top head feathers were frozen. We thawed her out with a hairdryer, she ate some porridge & I put her back in the cube last night. But I didn't put her in the nestbox with the 4 old girls where she sometimes sleeps, I put her on the roosting bars & I think that the cold may have hastened her death, so I'm upset that some of it may have been my fault ( & I do shut the cube door each night). I found her this morning.


Hubby thinks that she wolud have died soon anyway as she weighed nothing at all. Despite her health problems she was a perky, active chicken. I'm going to tell the breeder about her next week, as he said to get back to him if we had any problems. Looking back I think I should have got back to him before, in case there was anything that could be done for her, I think she was a "runt" chicken, but we loved her.

She belonged to my 6 year old son. We haven't told him yet.


All my other hens seem fine. Buzz, Pippa & Kate are moulting but are coping with the freezing weather well, tucked up in the WIR.

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