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Fox Watch

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Hello and welcome to the Forum - bet you can't wait for your Cube to arrive.


Yes, search around and you'll find a few topics on this. Lots of us use them and they are a great deterrent. They won't stop foxes altogether though.


A couple of tips - position it so that the 'beam' is facing away from the Eglu or Cube, that way it won't be triggered by your chickens moving around, but only by things approaching. That way the batteries don't wear down so fast, I found they lasted ages but others have complained they run down quickly so it might be worth considering a mains adaptor.


I also recommend moving the Foxwatch every so often, otherwise your local fox may simply work out a route that lets him avoid it.


I highly recommend it, as it stops the fox hanging around eyeing up your chickens and sending them into a frenzy!


Now you need to let us know what colour Cube, and what sort of chickens!

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I too purchased a foxwatch after foxes were persistently trying to dig into my eglu. I purchased the mains adapter and put it on last thing at night, after my dogs have been out. Since having the foxwatch I have not seen a fox near the run or any sign of them trying to dig in. Definatly recommend it as a effective deterrant, but not a 100% guarantee!!

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Got to say anywhere can have foxes but if you are rural in particular I would be 100% certain with electric fencing, there has been quite a lot written on this & foxwatch etc so perhaps do a search on the forum.


Good luck with your cube I love mine and am so pleased can understand why people collect these products..Fab you wont regret it...very easy to look after etc


indie :)


Hey farm saddlery do a good energisers for electric fencing etc

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