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Oh Goodness - insides out!

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I have been worried about one of my chickens for ages now. She's been doing jelly-like white watery poos for a couple of months. I took her to the vet who gave her Baytril but nothing changed.


She started moulting so i put it down to this, but she is now nearing the end of her moult and is still doing these icky poos. She seems ok, is eating and drinking, infact she is drinking alot?? and she is very slow on her feet but seems generally ok - it always awake and mooching around the garden after the others.


Last night i caught her doing a poo and she was really straining, making these little wimpering noises. I had a look at her bum and although i dont think she has prolapsed yet, her bum was bulging - like she was trying to squeeze out a ping pong ball. She hasn't laid for months but i put that down to the moult. She gets bokashi in her pellets every day and live yoghurt sometimes but i dont seem to be able to cure the messy poos.


Im going to get a sample off to Retfords asap, and i have been and bought some germoloids cream to put round her bum tonight. What else can i do? Do i need to take her off pellets - even thought she isn't laying? Does this sound like the beginnings of a prolapse? I feel so bad for her - the noises she was making whilst trying to poo were just awful, i can tell she is in pain.


Thanks for any advice



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I would definitely visit the vet as it sounds serious. Our oldest girl Ella ruptured her bowel at the beginning of the year (it came out through her skin :shock: ) and her bum was making lots of "whooshing/gurgling" noises. She had to have surgery to put it right.

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thanks alot for the advice, i guess i knew that this was the answer really - i have rung the vets, and am going at 9 tomorrow morning. I am quite anxious as i have struggled in the past to find a vet that knows much about chickens. Apparently this lady tomorrow has her own, so fingers crossed :pray:

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