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Today I Went To Thornes....

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and bought some chick grit :lol: I can't believe I left that place without a chook or two :lol: We were visiting my parents today in MK and knowing mum likes garden centres I thought we'd take a drive over there. Mum was thrilled to bits to get a plant she's been searching everywhere for and she actually encouraged me to buy a few Skylines but I was sooooooooooo good and said no :shameonu: Molly has added Sultans to the list of breeds she simply must have :roll:


It was a really nice place, mum enjoyed herself and we had a lovely afternoon. We left at just the right time because there was a hail storm a few minutes later!

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Yes, I got 3 of my girls from Thornes at the start of the month.


Although their poultry supplies are a bit on the pricey side, their range of hybrids (and pure breeds to drool over) is great and the garden centre has some real gems.


Lots of very helpful advice available for a novice like me too.

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