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tomoato blight - what now?

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Just noticed I have the very early signs of blight on my tomato plants. The fruit is still looking ok.


What now - can I pick the fruit and ripen on the window sill, or do I just chop off adn burn the bad bits of plant and hopr for the best?





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you can try to salvage the fruit but it may go funny (black etc) over the next few days. Throw the tomatoe plants away or burn them . Dont compost them.


Most people on my allotment have lost all their tomatoes to blight. Next year try spraying them with bordeaux mixture , from garden centres. I have done this this year cos i lost all of mine the last 2 years. So far this year so good. hope this helps



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I've had it since sunday/monday had it on the spuds 2 weeks

I've been removing the leaves as they get the blight right at the stem also removed the lower leaves up to the 2nd truss on all the plants plus any blighted fruit not closed the greenhouses since to keep the humidity down and to keep them well ventilated so far its working had to remove 1 fruit tonight in the one greenhouse and 1 leaf outside not had it atall in the 2nd greenhouse i dont and wont spray

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