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Can chickens and goats live together?

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We went to Temple Newsome Home Farm on Tuesday and there were goats, chickens and geese in the same pens.....


Then my daughter excitedly announced that there was a sheep in one of the chicken coops.....I had my doubts but went to look (as you do) and sure enough there he was, stood eating the pellets out of a hanging feeder :lol:

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Now that I think of it I once visited a place near York where they have a maze of maize and they had goats, chickens, etc all living together on an old double decker bus - had forgotton all about it, but at the time thought "wouldn't that be great sitting at the end of the garden" (if the garden was bigger).

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I am happy to report that the sheep and chickens are fine together although the chickens don't always appreciate the keen friendliness of the sheep :lol: the sheep do tend to follow them around but its curiosity more than anything else


One thing to bear in mind is that sheep shouldnt eat chicken food due to an intolerance of something or another so feeders need to be shut away during mingling sessions but a pop hole to a feeder would be a good solution - best double check this doesnt apply to goats too

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