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Orakiah ate a Lizard - Will she be OK and what was it

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*needs a Smilie that's panicking*



Orakiah ate a lizard,I didn't spot it till it was too late.



I saw it in the eglu run when i was giving the girls some cooked egg, Orakiah was the first to spot it and ate it whole :vom:



It had a Brown/Green/black Body and the underside looked either a Dirty Yellow or a light green :?: It was smallish too (maybe a young one?)



Will she be OK?

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Could have been a Common Wall lizard which live wild here.We used to keep them when we were kids so I know they are not poisonous but I tend to agree with Chucky Mama about it being a newt . Wallies tend to run pretty quick too so it may have got out of the run before she caught if it had of been.


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