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Evening All


No chooks at present, will be odering a purple eglu very soon!

Have never looked after chooks so am after a bit advice.


Is now (as in time of year) as good a time as any to take the plunge?! Or is it better to ask when is the worst time of year to take the plunge!


I would like to have 3 different girls for egg variety - to aid healthy competiton(with me and kids - OH just thinks I'm mad) and also keep interest with upkeep. So would like my ladies to be garden and child friendly - recommendations for breed would be helpful!


We do have a low wall over a small part of garden so will need to invest in some netting but other than that garden is quite secure.

We live in Northumberland, lots of farms and things but don't seem to be able to find many suppliers online!


Any help with breeds or suppliers would be most welcome!

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Hybrids would be a good starter. Would be worth getting a few different types so you can easily tell them apart. If you look in the breed guide that may give you a few ideas, although I would recommend all the 3 types that I have. My pure breeds are also fabulous :D

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As for child friendly I can certainly recommend Bluebelles and Warrens who were eating out of my kids hands straight away :D ....Our Light Sussex and Columbine are now friendly a month in but it certainly took more effort!!


We also did the same with the eggs....tried to pick 4 girls that all laid different coloured eggs...reckoned it would be easier to tell who had laid what :lol:

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