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Chook wont perch in roost at night,a problem or not???

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Hi All,

Right...one of my lot wont perch in the roost at night she prefers to sit on the floor and fall asleep.There is more than enough space for her to fit on albeit she is a buxom bird :lol:

She is second in command but I dont think there is any bullying going on as she lies right by the perch next to the top girl.I think she lies there all night as you can tell from the postion of everyones droppings in the morning! I line the bottom of the roost with newspaper that gets changed everyday so at least she is not sitting in it all .


I dont know why she does it,there is nothing wrong with her legs and she has enough head space above her so I just dont know but it bothers me that she is on the floor all night and my OH has said the same.Will it cause problems over time or not ?

Ideas anyone??



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So relieved to read all this - we've only had our girls a week and Alexis PP snuggles up in the nest box every night - with Krystal GNR perched on the side of it, neither of them using the roosting bars. I did try moving them last night and I think they stayed put. I'd rather she didn't sleep in the nest as it means it gets so grubby so might persist a few days in trying to encourage them to roost! Good to know that this is quite common though and doesn't seem to be causing anyone else any problems! :)

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