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Nystatin and Baytril - is egg withdrawal necessary?

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Took Bécassine to the vet yesterday because, although she is still alert and eating - and even started laying again, huge eggs, after a "rest" of about two months - she had not thrown off the crop infection and she is still underweight.


Bécassine was treated as an "exotic" but the vet, who was a locum, seemed to be interested in knowing more and telephoned another vet clinic that has more experience of birds to check with them the appropriateness of what I was requesting (viz, nystatin).


I forgot to ask, though, about egg withdrawal and so far haven't found anything definitive about this on the web. Please could I ask the experts here if I should not eat Becassine's eggs during the week of treatment (and for any length of time afterwards?).


It may turn out to be something like a blockage but, at the moment, it is not bothering her at all - just me!

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A couple of my hens had a course of baytril last year. My vet didnt mention

egg withdrawal and I didnt think to ask him. He`s a very good vet been with

him for many years with our dogs and he keeps hens himself. Anyway we carried

on eating the eggs and are still here to tell the tale!!!!!


Joy x

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