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Ain't Nobody Here

Introducing my new girls :-)

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Meet Penny and Poppy :D . A Mendlesham Blue and a Copper Maran.


Prudence came along for the ride so we only got two :wink: .


The White Leghorns were all in a different field and we saw one jumping on a high wall to join them so decided against one :wink: .


Penny and Poppy









There's been a bit of indignant bokking but some corn distracted them :lol: . There have been a few attempts to peck them but they can't really reach.


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Thanks everyone :D . They are so sweet - so soft and cuddly 8) .


I've just been out to tuck them in (we popped them into the dog carrier a while ago) and found Penny (I think!) crouched down behind the carrier and no sign of Poppy :shock: .


A quick look round and I discovered her roosting in the bush :roll::lol: . I didn't have the heart to move her so I'm afraid Penny (I think!) is sleeping alone in the carrier :( .

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