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Chickens arriving tomorrow! / Acorn question

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My first post here.


Have been thinking about getting chickens for a few months now. Last autumn, I decided to transform the garden so that the family could grow lots of fruit and veg. This has been pretty successful - 4kg of tomatoes harvested today bears witness to that (lots of tomato relish is about to be made!). I never thought it possible to have chickens in our smallish garden in SE London, so put the idea out of my mind. However, discovery of the Omlet products changed everything.


Once my wife saw the Eglu chicken house, she was sold on the idea immediately. The kids needed no persuasion! Although they had to accept the demolition of an old play house (which was pretty much unused anyway - full of spiders!) to make way for the Eglu and run.


So, the Eglu (green eglu) arrived last week, and has been constructed on wood chips (following the advice from many on these forums - thanks!). We don't really have enough grass for any other option. Have just heard from Omlet HQ that our 2 Gingernut Rangers GNRGNR will be arriving tomorrow :) ! We haven't completely agreed on names yet... well, I thought we had, but now the kids keep changing their minds! Oh well, I'm sure the chickens won't be too upset.


I just have one quick question. We have an oak tree at the bottom of our garden (not on our land, but it overhangs the garden). The acorns are starting to drop aleady, and I've noticed that many of the acorns are affected by galls (looks like the Knopper gall, which is caused by a gall wasp laying eggs in the developing acorn). Although I've partially covered the run, I suspect that some of these gall acorns will get into the run. Does anyone have any experience of whether chickens will eat these acorns? If so, have they caused any problems? I know that chickens can eat acorns OK - although I'm not sure that the resultant green yolk sounds appetising! :vom:


I will post pictures of our new arrivals once settled in.


Thanks for all the advice that's been posted on these forums. It really is invaluable, and has helped to confirm that we made the right decision.


Kind regards,


Mike and family.

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Hi Mike and Family and welcome to the forum.


My girls are right underneath a large oak tree and they have never bothered with the acorns, except when they land on them and then they run to the other end wondering where on earth that missile came from :shock::D

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