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Chicken treats

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Hi all,


Have been trying a few different treats for Ginny and Scarlett. By far the most popular has been live mealworms - but these are going to be a rare treat, 'cause they ain't cheap :shock:.


Raisins seem to be the next most popular, but I'm struggling with anything else. have tried raw sweetcorn, but they just took a few nibbles and walked off. Broccoli showed some hope at first, but then it too was ignored. Cabbage was a complete waste of time :roll: . Tried some cooked sweetcorn, and Ginny seemed to like this, although Scarlett was not too impressed.


Ginny eating sweetcorn:



I'd be interested to know what others have tried as treats, and what has been successful or unsuccessful.


A few more photos:


Scarlett posing:



Ginny posing:


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Hello mine love boiled rice and cooked pasta particularly spaghetti, they think its worms. cheap tinned sweetcorn not in sugar only in water, I throw it round the garden and they go and hunt for it, they also really like mixed lettuce, would mug you for grapes or melon


good luck



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Mine have one of the following on an occasional basis


Cabbage leaves (but not the cabbage ball)

Red Grapes

Sweetcorn (on the cob or out of tin)

Green Grapes


Red Grapes cut in half

Bread crust

Green Grapes cut in half

Any worm or slug thats daft enough to put in a (brief) appearance

Any spare grapes that happen to be within reach of the beak


Haven't tried spaghetti yet - maybe tomorrow if they eat all their real food!


I have to firm with myself though as too many treats mean they don't eat their pellets!



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Mine go round the garden stripping my tomato plants :evil: Apparantly the leaves are not good for them... they won't listen.


Little Aloo picked, stole and ate all my ripe cherry tomatos off the tree the other day - in front of me! Cheeky monkey. And we won't mention the sausage he stole off my plate and demolished the other day. Must be more careful in future.


The rest of ours will fight over cabbage, corn, pasta, rice, bread, apple, banana, onion and spring onion, pepper stalks..... they'll pick my strawbs but then discard them :roll: Oh, and quorn chilli con carne if they can get their beaks near my dinner...

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mine love peas, cherry tomatoes and a cup of tea. I just buy a bag of cheap frozen garden peas, pour over a little boiled water to thaw, drain the water and watch the hens go wild. I would only give them something that will turn to water again in their tummies, no pasta or potatoes. The experts advice not my own.

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I have been trying various things out on a new chicken


- red & green grapes - not interested

- dried meal worms - oh yes

- sweetcorn - not interested

- cabbage -not interested

- slug - not interested

- the inside of a marrow I was stuffing - the most popular ( apart from the meal worms).

- lettuce - yes


I suppose they are like us, each one different and difficult to please.

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Our girls like "feathers and beaky" chicken treats (it's in a pink paper bag which we got from Jolleys the pet shop). It has dried corn, oyster grit and sunflower seeds.


Other things that they like are:

Mealworms (dried)

Corn on the cob

The occasional cabbage leaf


Have tried grapes and melon, but they weren't that keen! :D

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Mine love bean sprouts! Like spaghetti "worms" but more nourishing for them.


If I sit on the garden bench with a bowl of sprouts, they will become very bold and friendly (love to see the X marks of their feet on my black trousers).


You can sprout your own mung beans, though mine are never as successful as those you find on sale in the supermarkets. :doh:


it was fascinating to see how they learnt how to get the whole sprout down in one gobble so that the others wouldn't get any.

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You have got to do spaghetti - hours of good clean fun for all the family. I've not laughed so much for ages. Even the DH was besides himself.


Mixed corn is the other obvious one - they go mad for it.


Mine took a while to take to sweetcorn and spring greens (I had to only give them half a head so they could get to the easy small inside bits at first).

Tomatoes and peas are eaten - insides only - skins spat out. :doh:


Basically I try them on whatever veg we have and see what happens. Yesterday's carrots were totally ignored but sprouts wolfed down.


I sometimes think that because they are young; they've not had new things before and have not got anyone experienced to show them that they don't 'know' what to do - they have ignored a honey stick for a week.


I am going to try banana today - I've overbrought some - so rather than them go off......


I really can't stomach the thought of mealworms. :vom: So mine are going to go without.

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My chooks were lacking in calcium so I've been giving them yoghurt mixed with porridge oats or cheerios. They absolutely love it and the shells have gone really hard now! Weetabix is a big hit as well as rice and pasta.

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my girls love cheerios, grapes, strawberries and have been known to pinch a slice of pizza from my daughters hand :roll: the funniest is Fuzz my 12 week old frizzle chick who can regularly be found in the kitchen sharing the dogs dinner..note to self must try and get picture!! :D

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Mine will do anything for spaghetti !


I buy a value brand (sorry chooks), break it up into worm sized bits, cook it and then rinse in cold water and keep it in a plastic container in the fridge.


They go crazy for it - more so than anything else we have tried. Grapes are a close second and they quite like raisins and plain fairy cakes - spoilt, us?

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So far, mine love the following;


sweetcorn (raw on the cob; unsweetened tinned or - most convenient of all - Tesco market value frozen sweetcorn, defrosted on demand!)

melon seeds

leftover cooked pasta or rice


live yoghourt mixed with layers' mash or porridge oats

raw peanuts


They do not like lettuce or cabbage but will eat a little cooked brocolli.


Mine free-range all day, so eat a lot of grass and garden bugs (they're your very best friends when you're gardening!) and their regular feed is layers' pellets in the morning and wheat/ bruised oats/ mixed corn in the evening.

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I am going to try banana today - I've overbrought some - so rather than them go off......

Nope, another thing they don't like. :wall:


You'd thought I'd given them poison from the looks on their faces. :notalk:


They might get a corn cob tonight if they are good this afternoon - they seem a bit uppity today.

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