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Ain't Nobody Here

My introduction diary :-)

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Week one


Separated by Omlet run within WIR. Newbies kept in their section the whole week.


Old girls allowed out to freerange through the back door.



Week two


Separate freeranging allowed and each group allowed into the others' section for a while, still kept separate.






Supervised freeranging outside. A few pecks from Maisie (I now know who is top chicken!) but the others weren't that bothered.



Supervised all together in WIR. A few more pecks but nothing serious. Big girls went to bed, little girls shown the way to the pet carrier, now up on table beside Eglu.


My plan is to keep them separate when I'm not around but let them be together when I can keep an eye on them.


Going well so far 8) .

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Well done ANH :clap:. Two weeks seems to be about right. Our 10-week old Pekins are now fully mixed with the two big girls. Fifi still rules the roost, but the chicks just scatter if she approaches in an aggressive manner. It's been much better in recent days, I think perhaps Fifi has resigned herself to the fact the chicks are here to stay regardless of her actions.


I go up to shut the Eglu doors each night, and so far Fifi and Anna (the big girls) have remained in the blue Eglu with all seven Pekins in the Purple one. Based on what a lot of people have written here I've been expecting them all to adopt just one of the two Eglu's, but perhaps the thought of sleeping with :twisted: Fifi is still rather more than the Pekins can contemplate at the moment :roll:.



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We're nearly at the end of week 4 :D .


I accidentally left them all together in the WIR while I was at work yesterday - I hadn't put the run bits close enough together and there was a gap :oops: . All seemed well on my return though so I thought it was time to remove the Omlet run divider altogether.


I've also taken away the temporary "corridor" so they now all use the same lower stable door to freerange. It's going to be nice not to have to poo pick the path :clap: .


Still getting the odd peck and chase but it doesn't seem too bad. I might start the combined sleeping next week (work days are best as OH gets up pretty early).


Been skip diving again :D . Not sure what this piece of wood was in real life but the girls seem to really like it :D . They're forever walking along it. I think Poppy looks like a gymnast on a beam :lol: .



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It seems to be going very well for you Vicki. I love what you've done with the run. How do you think the wire mesh is holding up? I cut up some branches yesterday and attached them with garden wire to the mesh. Haven't seen them use it yet. I want to put more up but need to find some more branches/wood. :D

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I can't believe it's been a month either :lol: .


Ann, I've tried not to use the mesh as it doesn't seem very strong, tbh. The only thing that is resting on the mesh is the old broom handle and I'm going to monitor that. I think the weight of branches plus chickens would weaken it and it would probably snap eventually :? . I've used the cross bar to attach everything to so that takes the weight. The new piece of wood (it's quite heavy) is resting on an Ikea bracket screwed into the run. The other end rests on the shelf thing.


Palmer, Poppy's dismount would disqualify her :lol: . There's a lot of bobbing then a mad flurry of wings :lol: .

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ANH is that an eglu roosting bar set I can see as perches?

It certainly is :D . Waste not, want not :lol: .


I knocked one of the long bars off then put the short ends through the run mesh. Cable ties alone wouldn't hold it up so it's cable tied to a branch which is supported by the bench. You could screw it in though. Discovered a flaw in my plan though - it's right above the glug (you can imagine the rest :vom::lol: ). I've tied on a piece of laminate flooring with garden wire to catch the poop :lol: .


The bench provides a good solid support for one end of the branches. I've also used a couple of cheap B&Q brackets to support the shelf. There were also a couple of old fixings from a trellis on the garage wall which I've been able to use.


Here's a huge photo link where you might be able to see it better.




Ann, have they got branches to use to make their way up there? I find my girls use all the branches like the steps of a ladder. They occasionally fly right up there but more often use the steps up.

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