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Had to laugh

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Hubby was talking of getting a bench for the garden, so we could keep an eye on the chicks. So today he went out and got one.

I came down stairs after sleeping all day ( i work nights) and there he was sitting on the bench with my son and the babes chicks, they were laying next to him, having a Stroke just like a dog. :lol: It was so sweet, pity i didn't have the camera ready. I think i'll start called him " pappa hen" :lol::lol::lol:

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i agree when i told my hubby i was getting a dog he was totally against it but i got one then i decided i had to have a play mate for Rosie and got Poppy that didnt go down well but i said lets have some chickens and he wanted to go get some there and then men they are brainless :)

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