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What have you cooked today?

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We made a lovely Caribean roast lamb dish last night and ED spent most of the afternoon making macaroons, she made strawberry and chocolate ones to sell at a cake sale at school today, to raise money for a retirement present for her favourite teacher. She has had the usual trouble extracting money from various people who promised that they would contribute, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. :roll:


The chocolate macaroons are a bit hard, but the strawberry ones are lovely, she also cooked a lovely mousaka for her friends on Saturday night, she is becoming quite an accomplished cook. :D Just as well with uni around the corner.

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2 large loaves of white bread, my first bread in months, I have just got out of the habit.


ED made me some yummy mushrooms in a white sauce flavoured with rosemary, onion and black pepper, sprinkled with parmesan and served with re crisped baggette bought last night in the co-op for 21p, for my lunch, my waistline is suffering with her being home at lunchtime. :roll: She is now making HFW's chocolate brownies. :anxious::drool::lol:

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Yum chickencam. I have some of those huge field mushrooms in my fridge at the moment, think I will copy your dish for tea tomorrow night.


Also, made rice pudding (with the left over double cream added), as it is rice pudding weather with all this rain at the moment. The heavens really opened this evening in Surrey!

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Shepeherds pie, tried to make it summery with bits of courgette and red pepper in




now about to try Delia's shortbread....used Mary Berry's in the first batch, but not quite thick enough. Catering for 40 puddings for the weekend.

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