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Lots of pictures of most of my ladies :D

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Hi All, i took these today and thought i'd share them - There are a few girls missing, they legged it down to the bark chippings under the trampoline to dig about, and i didn't catch them :doh: , but alot, if not most of them, are present :)


Firstly Mallow the brahma



Loubie, the copper black maran




Jet the brahma



Martha, the martha



Ruby the cream legbar



Taylor the barnevelder



Evie the black cochin



Faye the blue splash jersey giant




Lola the white silkie



Gracie Lou Freebush the gold laced polish




Dolly the white pekin



Roz the black silkie



Roz with Babs, the lavender pekin



Fauna the ex batt. They've feathered up beautifully, so although the face shots came up blurry i wanted to share this to show people how far she and the other girls have come :)






Hettie the frizzle cochin




Lacie the buff laced wyandotte bantam. I couldn't get pictures of her 'good side', but even the side missing an eye is beautiful, i think :) She's fine btw, been that way since before we got her, and has always managed :)



Cindy lou, the merrydale snowbell



Babs, Roz and Lacey



Missing pictures are; betsy the merrydale crested, muffin the lemon cuckoo pekin, flora, merryweather, stella, millie and gloria the ex batts, maggie the cuckoo maran, and opal the brahma, i shall get some pics at some point though! :)


Hope you like!

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they are gorgeous. I love looking at peoples pictures. So jealous, i have three lovely girls as well as my gorgeous cat, two teddy bear hamsters and eight pond fish, if i had more room i would have loads more than i have now, my husband is very pleased we havent got the room for that very reason :lol:

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Sorry all, Mallow is a cochin, not a brahma :oops:


Thanks for all of the lovely comments :)


Martha is a martha because she was found and brought to us, so although i might take a guess at what she is, she's just a martha to me :lol:


Evie isn't as grumpy as she looks lol, to be honest lola the silkie is the grumpiest, she's definitely not one for cuddles, although she's so lovely and soft once you actually get hold of her lol!


:lol: Yep the kids picked names for some of the chooks so some of them have grinchy/cinderella type names :)


Gracie lou freebush was a name i got from congeniality - i had to use it for gracie cos of her funny 'hair' lol!


Faye still has growing to do yet, though i think some of the others have too. I can't believe they've all grown up so big though! Taylor, mallow, evie, loubie, ruby, lola, faye, hettie and muffin i've had from chicks (various ages) and it's been lovely to watch them grow up into big girls :D

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