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After getting 4 new chooks playmates for the 2 we already had we had a problem, we had 2 babys which went in one eglu so leaving the new ones having to go in with the 2 we already had... which i know is a mistake but we had no choice, so of course the fighting starting from the minute "rocky" was put in there ( eva the other chook didn't have a problem at all she was like a long lost sister, fitting in right away), they all roosted fine but in the mornings it was like WW3, so we had to have rocky free range all the time, this went on for 2 weeks, i thought they would have settled but they just wouldn't leave her alone.




Last night hubby was trying to get them in and rocky went into the run with the babys hubby just shut the run door and watched ... low and behold they all went in together, rocky and the babys settled down and had a good nights sleep and 6am this morning i went out and there they were as right as rain all together , i thought " well" if only i'd had done that in the first place.


You live and learn i guess!





(pink eglu)PP Rocky, and " GNRPP the babys"

(blue eglu)GNR chicken (white chicken) george skitty and (white chicken) eva


Ryan the dog in the house.

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