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More New Chicks! *pic added*

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I have spent a fortune on coops this past year, I wish me or OH were good at building them :roll: I have two massive wooden coops, each can hold around 20 birds. The ladies are in one, the other has the ex-batts and young boys plus Penelope Silkie. The Brahmas are only about 16 weeks and did live there but didn't like the rough and tumble so chose to move in with some other growers I have in a smaller coop. Tiger Lily and her chicks are in my broody coop & run. Then in the garage I have a brooder with five chicks in it. They're ready to come outside now but until the boys are gone I can't move my other growers to the big coop so they'll have to stay where they are for a few weeks. I've been hatching all year so it's been hard work!


And I forgot the Brahmas when counting how many I've got so it is 41 :lol:

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