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We have a new dog!

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It has happened a bit quicker than I expected, but sometimes these things happen for a reason! OH was determined to have a look round some rescue centres today. Saw lots of lovely dogs, a couple looked promising but proved to have problems that would have been beyond us.

Finally we drove to a place near Melton and there we found our girl. She is perfect! A 6 year old springer spaniel who is used to children but had to be rehomed because her last owners children were allergic to her!

The centre didn't want to do any checks or anything and we were unable to reserve her, we had to take her today or risk someone else coming and taking her!

Anyway she is home - doesn't have any problems with the children (she is currently lying on the floor for them to tickle her tummy!!)

She got rather excited when she saw the chooks! :shock: A bit of conditioning needed there I think! :lol:

But i don't like her name - and the boys say they can't think of a girls name for her (we had Digger and Aled suggested so far :roll: ) Give me some ideas please!

Here she is:DSCF4718.jpg



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what is her current name because it is a good thing sometimes to keep the new name sounding very similar ie


Poppy changed to Peppy... you get my drift...it is less confusing for the doglet.


Shes gorgeous, give her ear squidges and tickles from me and mine.

buuuuuuuut she looks like a Perdi to me, thats what name sprang to mind anyhoooooooo


edited to add or Sasha :lol:

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I like the name Digger :lol:


How strange for the rehoming centre to let her go so easily with no checks or being able to reserve her, they go from one extreme to another, it looks like she is far better off with you anyway


She looks lovely, very sweet face bless her :D


Congratulations :dance:

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I think as long as it's the same number of syllables and ends in 'y', you'll be fine :wink: .


I like Poppy (but I would as it's one of my new girl's names!)

Yes I think this is true. :)

I had to have my little Poppy PTS in August last year after 13 years, so I know Poppy makes a great name for a pet :):lol::wink:

I also had a Candy that was with our family 17 years... :lol:


Just find a name with a y on the end and she should be ok... or even ie or i ... she'll never know... :lol::lol: *whispers Perdi Perdi Perdi* :lol::lol::lol:

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Have just taken her for a run across the fields and her name is now Candy! If only because she didn't respond to anything! :roll: No recall whatsoever! I had to try her though - she does stay fairly close, and does come towards me when I call, but then jinks away at the last minute. I only managed to catch her again when she couldn't get through the gate! And she pulls like a train. I've only got one of Dennis's old thin leads at the moment and she nearly cut my hand in two. I need a good, thick, short lead and to find some treats that she doesn't turn her nose up at! :roll:

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What a lovely and lucky girl, Snowy :D


Try chopping up into tiny squares those disgusting Herta frankfurters and plasticy cheese; I use that for training Ruby (who isn't treat/food-led) and it's like doggy crack; they will do anything for it.


She'll come hurtling back once she realises how lucky she is to have you.


Thanks for that Claret! I'll give those a try! She does like her food, but not when she is out - far more interesting things to do! :roll:


She did very well last night, a bit of woowooing when she was shut in the kitchen, but luckily she doesn't have a loud voice :lol: And no accidents this morning!


We took her for a run this morning before school and, although she won't come directly back to me, she also doesn't run from me either, so workable material there I think!


She does go into a frenzy at the chicken run so we have had water aversion therapy this morning! (lovely wet dog smell in the house!) And boy is she hairy! We did used to have 2 golden retrievers, but it was a few years ago and I'd almost forgotten about the clouds of hair everywhere! :lol:


She is soft as putty with the boys, and they love her because she will sit for them and gives a paw in return for treats! Very entertaining! She had a full bag before school this morning :roll: She just wants to sit at my feet with her head in my lap most of the time. She's adorable 8)


I'd be interested what people think of her breed wize - having looked at pics on the web of springers, I am now thinking that she is not quite 100% springer as she is quite svelte. Unless it is because she is working strain rather than show?? Anyone got any ideas? (not that it matters, just curiosity!) :D

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My grandfolks always had working springers and cockers, some of them were slimmer than others. I'm not breed specialist by a long straw, but she looks like a good 'un to me.


They do have a tendency to be dotty and hyper at times though (a bit like lurchers!) - the boys will love winding her up!


Being a spaniel, she might quite enjoy the water therapy :roll:


Lovely, lovely doggle and she sounds to be bonding with you already.

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She does go into a frenzy at the chicken run so we have had water aversion therapy this morning! (lovely wet dog smell in the house!)



Polly also goes into a frenzy at the chicken run, we tried water aversion therapy but she loves it so absolutely useless. The dog trainer suggested we tried putting two biscuit tin lids in a plastic bag and drop it suddenly on the ground or banging it on your leg, this works a treat and stops her dead in her tracks, I don't even have to bang it now she sees the carrier bag and just runs back into the house :) This would avoid the wet dog smell in the house, although personally I quite like the smell :o



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