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Poorly chook

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Hi all,


daisy my original chicken is a bit under the weather. She has a vets appt booked this eve but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what could be wrong... Symptoms are as follows


not eating (just turned her nose up at sweetcorn - unheard of!) crop pretty empty.


letargic. Moving slowly, sometimes stands with eyes shut or sits in eglu.


Tail down and bit of a pooey bum


comb a bit floppier then normail I think - very faint purple tinge to edges.


Not much to go on I know and only really noticed her unwell today. Have felt underneath and I don't think she's egg bound (she's not feeling like my chook that was eggbound was though she feels softer underneath then my ex batt - but she doesn't have any feathers...) was a soft shelled egg in eglu today but I don't know who from...


any ideas guys? She's about 3 years old, has been laying and gas no previous problems. Could it be something as simple as a bit of a cold do you think?

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