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Purchasing an extension run?

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Hi There,

At the moment I have an (green eglu) with a converter for my 3 chooks, and have a reasonable area fenced off around it so that they can free range, which they do a lot of the time. However am going on holiday for a week and a neighbour is looking after them, so they will remain in their eglu run for the week as they cannot be left outside unsupervised because of Mr Fox! I have been thinking of purchasing an additional 1 metre extension so that they have more room, since they do carry on if they are not let out into their outer run area. Am I being daft or do you think it would be a worthwhile investment. By the way eventually I would like to build a WIR when funds allow. :pray::pray::pray:

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i would reccomend them- the more room the better i say!


i had a eglu with a 4 meter run for my 3 original girls and i didnt feel guilty leaving them in it alot as they had plaently of room :D


plus if you ever sell it you tend to get around £35 back so not too bad if you build your WIR!

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