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Very watery eyes -UPDATED

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Good Morning, looking for a bit of advice please.


Bella, one of our 17 week light sussex, has always been the last one to get up every morning, infact I've always joked that she's putting on her makeup.

Anyway, this morning, she didnt get up until about an hour after the other girls and I've just been down to check on them all and found Bella looking a bit lost and belwidered and she has very watery eyes, so much so, that it looks like bubbles of water coming from her eyes.


Any suggestions to what this may be? I wondered if it might be an allergy, you know sort of hayfeverish, or perhaps a cold. The others all seem ok, although we have had a bit of sneezing lately.



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Thanks Tasha. I've just read up on this and its sounds possible :(


Now, my next problem, is there any way that I can get antibiotics that doesnt involve going to the vet?? When I first got my girls my hubby said the only condition was that I wasnt to spend out money on taking them to the vets. This will upset some people but these are his words and NOT mine "They are only chickens!". In his opinion, you spend fortunes to cure a chicken that cost £15.


I love my girls and he "likes" them, but I think I might be pushing it if I say they need the vets :roll:

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Bubbly eyes is very likely to be mycoplasma. It needs antibiotics to be cured and these can only be got from a vet. Myco is very treatable but it can also be fatal. This is a difficult situation for you, but my very strong advice is to get her to the vet. I've lost a bird to myco and it was quite drawn out and very upsetting. The best antibiotic for myco is Tylan (not sure why) tho some vets prescribe Baytril which is a good general purpose antibiotic.

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Got an appointment with the vet at 2.40pm this afternoon. Bella's eyes seem ok now but she's very down in the dumps and I have noticed that all the girls are sneezing and Sandie has a snotty nose. Hopefully and fingers crossed, they just have colds, but I'm thinking that perhaps a course of antibiotics will clear them all up :pray:



Thanks for all the advice.....where would we all be without this forum.


I will update you all later.

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Well, I took Bella to the vets. She has got some Baytril, but the vet said although she looks unwell she doubted it was anything too serious. Bella's eyes are fine now but she's still looking a bit down. Got to give her and Sandie some baytril, so that should be fun and games.


BUT the vet found LICE on Bella, so now I am feeling a very bad chicken mummy :(


Which means the rest of the girls have probably got them, so I have also got some spot on from the vet.


I cant understand how they have got lice, I clean the cube out religiously every week, and I use Diatom and Poultry Sheild......so where have they come from???


I actually strip the cube out every week, clean out the poo trays daily, the girls have diatom in their dust bath.....the only thing I am wondering is, do you think it may be because I use straw in the nesting box??? Although I put a good dusting of diatom in that as well :?:


I have come back from the vets and stripped the cube agin and this time I shall use auboise in the nesting box.


Right, I'm off to have a scrub in the shower now urrrrghhhhhh!!!

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Egluntyne is right - my girls ALL had lice this summer (and yes, I too am scratching feverishly as I type, also taken to showering religously after cuddling the girls!!) and they are absolutely horrid, nasty little beasties (the lice, not the girls ;))


We used permethrin shampoo (dog flea shampoo) on the girls and that got rid of the live nasties... I believe Johnsons anti-mite spray is also good, but don't use it with the spot on :D


Out of interest, which spot on is it for chickens? After bathing 6 chickens, I think a less wet option would be prefereble to try next time!

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