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Facebook down?

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I still can't get on, it was fine this morning. Not that I'm an addict or anything :whistle::oops: (actually my house is noticeably cleaner and tidier :oops: )



:lol::lol::lol: I'm sure they do it on purpose just so people can get on with things in the real world. I have noticed that Mindjolt has been a right pain recently and I've not been able to play any games :(

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I have always been able to get onto FB today, but like Tessa can't open any applications. I managed briefly early afternoon but haven't been able to do anything since.


I am very worried about my cows and chickens who need to be milked and have their eggs collected! I haven't been able to play Scrabble or Lexulous and the new Bejewelled competition will have started and I can't get to it!


Oh misery. :( My life has fallen apart!


Edit: Oh and I meant to say that I didn't even see a poll about Obama and certainly didn't vote in it, so I shouldn't be being investigated by the FBI!

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