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Cate in NZ

Finally feeling like Christmas

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At last I am feeling Christmassy :D


Last few presents are waiting to be wrapped up and finally finished writing the cards.


Only 2 more days at work and then off until the 4th Jan......YIPPEEEE :D


Tomorrow we are allowed to take board games into work :shock::lol: as we have finished all the cleaning 8)


Wednesday is the dreaded Chrisatmas works lunch :twisted:


Roll on 2pm Wednesday afternoon :D

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We've got a week of christmas parties for the children, and various Christmas do's for chookiehubbie, so the festive feeling is here in bucket loads! Last week was the Christmas concerts at school, and all the presents have been wrapped and hidden, ready for Christmas Day.




Caitlins excitement is infectious, and with every carol service, nativity play and Christmas card, her enthusiasm for the season increases!

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Oh this is just what I needed. Motivation has gone out the window. I watche Nigella last night and went :shock: felt a sudden panic as our house is nothing like that.




Anyway, I feel christmassy too. I am going to work from the kitchen up and try to get order. I hoped I could teach daisie to iron, clean loo's and make all my home made stuff but sadly that just hasn't happened.


I did make my cake but yet to ice, no idea what to do so will look on the forum. I did do brown recycled paper so chuffed there. I did go to great lengths to source good meat, happy about that too.


I have a cupboacrd full of booze 8):D:D:D:D So more than happy about that.


Should I just open a bottle sit down and forget my woes :? I can do that later :D:wink: better face the house of hell and mess but it's a lovely time of year and so nice to pop on here for a giggle.


Mel join me for a not domestic goddess party, while they are all making their own cranberry sauce :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:



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